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Hardwood floor refinishing

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Hardwood floor refinishing

Hardwood floors are designed to be solid and durable but they can be subject to problems like traffic patterns, exposed nail heads, different stains cause by water spills or ageing and of course scratches due to things like furniture moving or other kinds of accidents.

Problems like damaged boards, exposed nail heads or holes used for different cables need to be addressed before starting the refinishing process. Damaged boards should be replaced with similar boards, exposed nail heads should be pounded down far enough so the small holes could be filled with some wooden dust resulted from sanding the floor and if you have small holes in your floors used previously for cable, you should remove the cables and fill the holes with plugs made out of a material that’s similar to your wood boards.

The next step would be sanding the floors. Professional hardwood flooring companies use high quality equipment that is less noisy and make less or even almost no dust at all. The sanding is necessary to strip the floors of its coating layers, smooth the scratches marks, remove any signs of wear and brings the wood to its original state. The dustless sanding process is not actually free of dust and it’s lengthier that the normal process but still it’s worth it.

After the sanding process comes the staining process. Staining is a job that will give the wood the color you want. This needs to be done by professionals because the wood could change color after the staining agent dries out.

After your floor has been stained, it’s time for coating. Coating is the process of adding water or oil based coating over the stained floor. This ensures a smooth, shiny floor that is both great looking and easy to clean.

Recoating can be done even if you don’t need repairs to the floor. If you just want to change the color of the floor or fix some dents and scratches recoating is the best choice for you. All these being said, take care of your floors and they will look great for you.

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